The Introduction of BBEF

              Beijing BBEF Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BBEF") is a state-owned enterprise affiliated to Beijing Electronics Holding Co., Ltd.( (hereinafter referred to as“BEHC”) and a subsidiary of Beijing SASAC. BBEF has five parks including Madian Innovation Park, Shuangqiao Cultural Industrial Park, Jiuxianqiao Science and Technology Creative Industry Park, Beixinqiao Culture Creative Park and Nanfaxin Industrial Park, whose land area is over 320,000 square meters. Up to June 2015, the total assets of BBEF are RMB 1.277 billion. Technology industry and information service are the major fields of BBEF.

              In the field of technology service industry, BBEF will taking the electronic information industry as the core, while developing the technology industry which consists of innovative incubation and international technology transfer.In the field of information service industry, Beijing BDK Electronics Co., Ltd, a subordinate of Beijing BBEF Electronics Group Co., Ltd. has formed three business segments: Special vehicles, system integration and digital TV, and is a specified production enterprise of the national cable TV network products, TV OB vans and security monitoring equipment.

              BBEF has a wealth of electronic information industry resources,and closely related to other enterprises affiliated to BEHC. The main industries of BEHC cover the high-end electronic elements and devices, high-end electronic process equipment, high-efficiency energy storage battery and system application, electronic information services (self-service equipment, broadcast and TV equipment, wisdom and healthy medical services, integration of electronic commerce and cultural creativity) and five plates of the wisdom park. The products are widely applied to electronics, aerospace and other fields, wherein the shipment amount of its semiconductor display industrial products ranks No. 4 in the world, the smallest package size(0.4mm*0.2mm*0.18mm) of its integrated circuit industry ranks No. 1 in China, and its special element and device industry successfully supports the key aviation and aerospaceprojects of many countries. BEHC has developed battery pack products for the high-efficiency energy storage battery systems which will be actively cultured and applied to the electrical vehicle field in the future.